God-Sized Hole


There’s a girl who isn’t who I want her to be, and yet I keep hoping. I don’t know. It’s probably more complicated than that. Possibly something I can’t untangle at 1am.

Maybe it would help if I laid everything out plainly. Maybe I’d see connections then. Continue reading


Some pics from the first bike ride of the year


Amazing how much a short bike ride makes me feel so productive, as if there are things I want to do with my day and I have the willpower to accomplish them. Or maybe it’s because the sky was beautiful today, as it always is, and I wanted to share the photos I took. I took more than a dozen but ended up only liking three. I even got angry at WordPress’ upload system ‘cuz it sucks so much at bulk uploads. Anyway, without further ado…

I should really take my sister’s camera out instead of taking these on my phone. And maybe read some books on photography, too.

Thoughts on good food and learning to make it


Here’s a nice article about the program I’m hoping get into this Fall. (Update: SAIT mailed me a week after I applied that I was being offered a spot.)

The following was my reaction to the article, sent to my best friend through text. But I think it to be very true and I want to remember it so it’s getting posted here, whether y’all like it or not 😐 Just kidding, haha. Hope you guys get something from it too. Continue reading

The trailer to 20 Questions, a documentary I voluntered to be a part of, and a Kensington rant


Just finished an interview with the great, up-and-coming artist Drew McGrath here in Calgary. Some of you may recognize his name from Hell on Wheels on AMC, filmed in Alberta as well. I was a little shocked when I heard such a big show had anything to do with my tiny lil’ city. But I’m grateful to Mr McGrath for giving me the opportunity to share a bit of my story with the world, whatever that will accomplish in the grand scheme of things, haha.

I also got some incense from these two buskers here in Kensington. That, the interview, and having set up a possible meeting with one of Mr McGrath’s friends, who is involved in radio and voice acting, makes this a pretty interesting day so far.

Now if only it wasn’t so cold outside, I wouldn’t have to ride the train home for an hour to grab a jacket before riding it back downtown to meet up with my friends for the night. Not that I should be complaining, though. It’s winter after all. Temperatures above 0C are a treat, not guaranteed.

And Idno what I’d do for 4 hours waiting for my friends anyway. I’d probably eat, or spend money some other way. I didnt even bring my phone charger. Good bye.

I think y’all should read this


I should write this before I get too tired. It might be even more of an addition (or testament) to my shamelessness to write this, post this, even think that this part of the story needs to be told. But I think, at least for accuracy’s sake, or history’s sake, for the sake of having the whole(r) picture/story, I should talk of how things played out for me over the course of these current events. Continue reading