God-Sized Hole – Preamble


This is the first half of a thing I wrote all at once, “God Sized-Hole”. I divided them up because my writing started to have a point about halfway through the piece. But I thought I’d share this too, in case anyone was curious about how I ended up writing about the topic of this God-sized hole in my heart.


How do I feel?
I’m tired and bored.

What great idea did I have tonight?
Know what might be fun? Message that girl on Facebook, the one whom you haven’t spoken to for years and stopped speaking to due to embarrassing circumstances. Continue reading


Why Do I Bother Writing Game Reviews?


What’s Your Tag? – Are Game Reviewers Really Just Egomaniacs?

 I’ve been asking myself a version of that question lately. I don’t write game reviews very often but, being a new addition to the team over at Analog Addiction, I imagine I’ll be writing them more often. It’s got me wondering: Why do I even bother writing video game reviews? Continue reading

The Daily #9 – Extra. Terrestrial.


My world is small. It’s as small as the space between my ears because that’s where it has all been contained. But gradually, like pin-pricks breaking the surface of a plastic bubble then receding away, stretching the membrain – But it doesn’t break. At least, it hasn’t broken yet. I still haven’t been irrevocably exposed to the reality of a world of minds other than my own. I guess that’s why it still feels fundamentally foreign to me when I’m… Reminded? No. Rather, when circumstances imply that I can reach out to people and affect them… I don’t expect it at all. Continue reading

The Daily #6 – Why do I even write daily?


The topic for today: Why do I even write daily? Why even?

I’ve been self-conscious about my blog lately. More specifically, I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s attractive for me to write the way I do. I tend to write personally, as if I’m speaking to you, the reader. But I wonder if that makes people uncomfortable.

Actually, scratch that. I don’t even think I’m far enough along to have to worry about whether or not my personal blog is written in a winning style. And anyway, if it’s my personal blog that I wish would become popular, shouldn’t I write the way I want to?

Shouldn’t I? Continue reading


Has anyone ever gone crazy and believed that there was more to life than what they saw? I’m not sure many people have. No one’s quite got the right idea of reality but between those who believe in too much, those who believe in too little, and those who believe they have no clue, it’s probably those who believe in more than is true that are the minority.

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The Daily #5 – All’s well even when morning is night, thank God


wpid-20150225_052356_lls.jpgTime sure moves slowly and in awkward ways when you sleep whenever you want. It’s as if there’s no way for me to tell when yesterday became today, or when today will become tomorrow. This sort of confusion can be dangerous, I guess. It’s never wise not to pursue clarity when it’s available.

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The Daily #4 – No one’s afraid of effort, only of trying harder


There’s definitely garlic in my breath, but I think the taste of basil is hiding it. Made for bruschetta for breakfast this early morning.

wpid-20150224_062851.jpgAnd I do mean early. I woke up at about 3am (or earlier, can’t really remember) and came to a conclusion: I need to start challenging myself again. Before I continue on that, I’d like to mention that the bruschetta was a tad too salty and savoury for me and could’ve been a little more sour. Would’ve been great chilled too, but it was definitely edible. Anyway… Continue reading