To love her because I like her is not to love at all?


There’s this girl I know and I really like her. Do I love her? I try to. But I can’t love her without her accepting my love, any more than I can walk through a door that’s not open. But I do what I can. I love as much of her as she trusts me with. I’m working on following her lead with that. I can’t make her accept my love; I can only offer it.
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Thoughts on good food and learning to make it


Here’s a nice article about the program I’m hoping get into this Fall. (Update: SAIT mailed me a week after I applied that I was being offered a spot.)

The following was my reaction to the article, sent to my best friend through text. But I think it to be very true and I want to remember it so it’s getting posted here, whether y’all like it or not 😐 Just kidding, haha. Hope you guys get something from it too. Continue reading

Extremely Half-Awake


Note: I swear, this thing picks up and becomes profound about 1/3rd of the way through. But the context is necessary. This is a hyper-cornerstone.

I can’t quite understand why I feel the way I do about her. ‘Tis a new desire: It seems that all I want from her now is to get to know her better.

I feel driven to ask her about her life and make conversation with her. Ah. It might be just that: I just want to make conversation with her. So it goes back to the other desire of having her attention. It wouldn’t exactly be having her attention, though. More like she’d be giving me something to pay attention to, namely, her and who she is. But why do I even want to know her? Continue reading