God-Sized Hole – Preamble


This is the first half of a thing I wrote all at once, “God Sized-Hole”. I divided them up because my writing started to have a point about halfway through the piece. But I thought I’d share this too, in case anyone was curious about how I ended up writing about the topic of this God-sized hole in my heart.


How do I feel?
I’m tired and bored.

What great idea did I have tonight?
Know what might be fun? Message that girl on Facebook, the one whom you haven’t spoken to for years and stopped speaking to due to embarrassing circumstances. Continue reading


The Daily #10 – Purpose, the process, and why I worry


It’s been a while since I last wrote a so-called ‘daily’ post and I’m starting to feel like going to bed now, but for whatever reason, I have the will to write one of these out.

I like to think deeply about the things that I do before I do them. I like to ask myself why I want to do the things I want to do, and when I don’t ask, I can’t keep up the work for long. Eventually, the question catches up to me and starts to slow down my progress, sapping my willpower like frost creeping up a window. Continue reading

Video Game Long Reads – What relationship is there between a game’s narrative and its level of challenge?


Chris Crawford’s Dragon Speech

I’m blessed to have found friends who share in my love for video games, not only by common interest but in a common way as well. I don’t only love games because they’re fun. I also love them because of their unique ability among forms of art to be interactive, and because of the amazing experiences that were made possible by that unique ability.

If you’ve read the speech, then I have a feeling I could go on about how I relate it with my personal experiences with the medium. If you haven’t, well, this little site of mine isn’t going anywhere. Take your time, and for everyone who isn’t so interested in games, it’s also a strong message on finding and committing to your dreams.

Anyway! This here is another long read. I apologize, I just had so much to say once again. The topic for today? What’s the relationship between the unique narrative ability of video games to put us in the protagonist’s shoes and the way we also enjoy challenge in our games?

Stay hydrated, friends, and find a warm place to sit. Oh, and have some beats.

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The Daily #2 – Why I need to fantasize about zombie apocalypses DIFFERENTLY from now on


I stared at the screen of my phone for a second, waiting on a draft of an article to load. Then I realized I hadn’t written anything yet.

Journaling, eh? It’s tough.

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Can a video game be accessible yet reward high-level play? (And why they now need to be.)


Polygon – Games have basic, huge accessibility problems (that we celebrate)

Awesome article about a topic that’s been on my mind lately. If you don’t care to read it, what the author is basically saying is that it may be problematic that games these days just take too much commitment to fully enjoy.

That accessibility has become a problem in bigger, more mainstream games, such as those that release on consoles or PC may explain why mobile games have become such a hit lately. They’re generally a lot easier to get into. This is probably because their gameplay is a lot more focused than most big games. But just because a game is more complex, doesn’t mean it has to be hard to get into.
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Learning Curve VS Fun – Video Game Long Reads


Welcome to the first edition of my Video Game Long Reads! And no, I didn’t just decide to call it a Long Read in order to look confident about its length rather than seeming like I’m terrible at controlling my word count!

In these Long Reads, I wonder out loud about video games and their place in our world, why they make us feel the ways that they do, and how we might improve them for maximum fun! So get cozy and comfortable, stay hydrated, and enjoy…

Today’s Topic: Preparation and learning curves in games… Are they Anti-Fun?!

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Sometimes, I have questions that… It’s so hard to word this without sounding like an idiot…

Sometimes, the questions I wonder about…. Uguu, one more try.

Sometimes, I don’t know what the purpose is of the question I ask, what the purposes are of the questions I ask. I mean to say I don’t know what I’d do with whatever answer I got. I guess I could make up a hypothetical answer then play pretend at how I’d react, but I can’t even imagine what the answer may be to this particular question. Or at least, I can’t fathom the implications of the answers that I think may be. Continue reading