Real Pressure


Do you ever lie awake in the morning with the feeling that it’s not just any morning? The light of twilight through your window bathes your room in a soft glow, and for some reason, you just know that today is the beginning of something new.

There’s an element of rush, an element of distance. Something in you already knows that you’re about to leave all that you see behind, even if only for a season.

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Good Morning – Jan 16


White chocolate melted in microwaved milk, mixed with drip-coffee. The poor man’s white chocolate mocha.

Topics of the Morning: Being a creature of habit and impulse. Giving up in order to succeed. Using pressure as motivation instead of a source of stress.

So I bought a Premium Membership (or whatever it’s called) for this morning, thinking I’d jump into PC gaming with a $450 upgrade to my PC. It was a wise decision to get that membership, seeing as it saved me $15 on shipping (shipping was $40, the membership was $25 and included free shipping) and it would allow me free returns if anyone ended up being wrong with the parts I bought.

Only one problem, though: I got scared of the price tag and decided not to buy the parts after all. I have enough money and I have no immediate bills to. Besides that, I’m confident that I could find a job fairly quickly. So what’s the big deal? What am I so afraid of? Continue reading

Maple Pony


Seems like the world is made of extremes. I mean, the people of it, I guess. There are people who like to travel and people who like to stay home. There are people who love solitary adventure, and there are people who like being with friends. There are people who want to be out there and people who don’t mind staying here.

There are people on either extreme. Which makes me think, what do I do if I like everything? What if I want to be out *and* in? What if I want to go on adventures but think I’d also be satisfied with a quieter life? Continue reading