God-Sized Hole


There’s a girl who isn’t who I want her to be, and yet I keep hoping. I don’t know. It’s probably more complicated than that. Possibly something I can’t untangle at 1am.

Maybe it would help if I laid everything out plainly. Maybe I’d see connections then. Continue reading


Muddy Day


I feel that it may be my responsibility to document my journey. I ventured off the trail today. It had rained the night prior. By morning’s first light, it was still overcast and the sky was determined to stay that way. Swirls of cloud in the wind up above me but no sign of reprieve from the white fog that lay there, just a couple dozen yards upwards of the ground. I ventured off the path. Continue reading

Forgive life of her sins


If we’re obsessed with what we think we deserve, we’ll get nowhere as a species.
If what it takes to sooth our pain is to let others suffer the same, then shouldn’t we suffer for them instead?
If we don’t forgive life of her sins, she’ll keep on sinning,
And we’ll all be fucked. But you can stop your pain at you.

The next generation won’t go through our problems. And I don’t think they should. I believe that progress as a species means building upon the achievements of the ones who came before us, and allowing others to do the same with the things we’ve built. I don’t believe that the next generation should suffer through our problems for their own benefit. Instead, we should distill the benefit and present it to them, so that when they choose to suffer, they’ll suffer through things that are new, that they might formulate new solutions to new problems. And the cycle continues.

PS. You lovely little fucker, you. Lol. If you’re reading this, I’d like you to know… I don’t deserve your love. You’re crazy, and what you did didn’t make sense; which means it’s love. I meant what I said. I will make things right.


I sat wondering and next to me appeared God.
I asked Him about everything in the world.
He answered, “I don’t know right now.”
I asked, “Why?”
And He said, “I wanted to wonder with you.”


What’s poetry?