Video Game Long Reads – What relationship is there between a game’s narrative and its level of challenge?


Chris Crawford’s Dragon Speech

I’m blessed to have found friends who share in my love for video games, not only by common interest but in a common way as well. I don’t only love games because they’re fun. I also love them because of their unique ability among forms of art to be interactive, and because of the amazing experiences that were made possible by that unique ability.

If you’ve read the speech, then I have a feeling I could go on about how I relate it with my personal experiences with the medium. If you haven’t, well, this little site of mine isn’t going anywhere. Take your time, and for everyone who isn’t so interested in games, it’s also a strong message on finding and committing to your dreams.

Anyway! This here is another long read. I apologize, I just had so much to say once again. The topic for today? What’s the relationship between the unique narrative ability of video games to put us in the protagonist’s shoes and the way we also enjoy challenge in our games?

Stay hydrated, friends, and find a warm place to sit. Oh, and have some beats.

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Learning Curve VS Fun – Video Game Long Reads


Welcome to the first edition of my Video Game Long Reads! And no, I didn’t just decide to call it a Long Read in order to look confident about its length rather than seeming like I’m terrible at controlling my word count!

In these Long Reads, I wonder out loud about video games and their place in our world, why they make us feel the ways that they do, and how we might improve them for maximum fun! So get cozy and comfortable, stay hydrated, and enjoy…

Today’s Topic: Preparation and learning curves in games… Are they Anti-Fun?!

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