Real Pressure


Do you ever lie awake in the morning with the feeling that it’s not just any morning? The light of twilight through your window bathes your room in a soft glow, and for some reason, you just know that today is the beginning of something new.

There’s an element of rush, an element of distance. Something in you already knows that you’re about to leave all that you see behind, even if only for a season.

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It’s the thought that counts?


(When it comes to gift giving) Is it the thought that counts?

I could think of buying someone fried chicken but if I didn’t actually buy them any, there might be something wrong with me. (Of course, I might not’ve brought anought cash with me or the local KFC might be closed but I’ll take account of those things later.) In this way, I think that saying, “It’s the thought that counts,” is a bit of a cop-out.

When it comes to gift giving, I guess the general point is to give something they want or like. I can’t claim to have a mountain of life experience but I can imagine something like this happening: People are capable of giving inconsiderate presents based on lazy assumptions. Continue reading