The Daily #2 – Why I need to fantasize about zombie apocalypses DIFFERENTLY from now on


I stared at the screen of my phone for a second, waiting on a draft of an article to load. Then I realized I hadn’t written anything yet.

Journaling, eh? It’s tough.

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Good Afternoon February 3


It’s been a sad start to the year for the video game community. I have nothing to add to the conversation but I’d just like to acknowledge it all, personally. No doubt, this will all bring us all closer together as a community.

Now, I don’t really interact with many people here on my blog (although I like to visit other blogs to share my thoughts) but I’ve got to say that the gaming community is one of the most exciting and most insightful communities I’ve ever taken part in. Not to mention, more often, I find warmth, empathy, and a general stand-up-for-each-other atmosphere. That may not be how popular media portrays us, but I honestly mean what I say. It seems in the gaming community, most of us have realized we’re all after the same thing, and we operate as a team.

Maybe I’m just a disillusioned idiot, fabricating something to hope for, but I have hope that video games can bring something more to society, and our community is proof of that. I mean, of course we’re not perfect but I feel like we’re connected through and invested in shared experiences like no other community. And though there are divisions within the art form itself, I feel that we’re less divided as a community along those lines. That’s what’s different.
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THE XP-HNTR – The Start of a New Journey… The Experience Hunter Kick-off Article!


I catch a glimpse of it in between two hills: a green, glowing crystal, hovering a few metres in the air. It once brought confusion and humiliation, but I would allow it no longer. This time, I knew better. I knew what I was up against.

It was the toughest enemy I had so far encountered in the short time since I started playing Dragon Age: Inquisition. ‘Tis the first Dragon Age game I’ve ever played, but that’s a story for a different time and place. In the story I’m currently recounting, I’m preparing to tear Mr. Fire Wraith Thing a new bodily orifice.

I approach the crystal and my nemesis spawns. I switch to Tactical Camera, freezing time and allowing me a look at Mr. Fire Wraith’s stats. “Resists fire” – no matter, I only put on that fire spell for its Fear effect. “Vulnerable to cold” – Perfect, I just found a strong ice scepter in a nearby cave (in the hands of a rouge mage I killed). I come closer to engage. Continue reading

Challenge and Change


I’m under more pressure (from myself) to get a fulfilling(?) job because I don’t have anything else to do with my life for the next year. One whole year. I mean… I could call this last year both fast and slow.

Actually, no. It was just slow. But not in a bad way. It was slow as in… Deliberate, over-flowing with lessons to learn, skills to acquiesce. And I guess I’m afraid of wasting this next year of my life. I’m looking for a challenge. Maybe that’s all I should ask for and seek: A challenge.

At the moment, I’m looking for work as a barista at a legitimate cafe (not Starbucks). Coffee: global industry meets local community, great platform from which to support change at every level. And I like working with my hands and connecting with people.

But the cafe scene in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a bit of an insider’s club kind of thing. Granted I do have foots stuffed into a few doors, there’s still a lot to worry about (from my perspective).

Now is the time to find work as a barista. University-age people will be leaving work or cutting their hours to go back to school. (Now that I think of it… Wouldn’t a lot of baristas be a little older than that at more respectable cafes?) Honestly, I see this as the only chance I have. And I think it’s very unhealthy for me to see it this way. Continue reading

Lies of Adequacy


A lot of people say they felt inadequate in high school, middle school, grade school. That’s not true for me.

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I think: on Art


Oh yeah. Return of the rant-style.

How do I learn?
I learn well from others… And I seem to also learn well on my own, from reading. Which is pretty much… pretty much like a conversation. The 8ooks I read are quite conversational. They’re like lessons taught to me 8y someone, as if we were just having a chat.

How motivated/disciplined are you?
I am motivated to make money. I am also motivated to do whatever I want. What is it to 8e an artist? I’m not the kind of kid who thinks he knows, anymore.I’m pretty sure 8eing an artist means conveying something. I just want to capture or create 8eauty. Continue reading


Uhmmm. been a while since i’ve written here. Feeling a little neurotic. Neurotic?

Neurosis, a class of functional mental disorders involving distress but neither delusions nor hallucinations.

Mhm. Neurotic. Anyway. Uh. Uhm.

I feel like I owe it to my friends to be making something of myself. Actually, I should be owing that to Jesus as well. In the end, all for Jesus. but it probably won’t be great for my friends either if I start to become useless. I mean, in the day-to-day, I really can’t stand not taking action to move forward. So what’s up? Why don’t I feel like I’m moving forward? Continue reading