Real Pressure


Do you ever lie awake in the morning with the feeling that it’s not just any morning? The light of twilight through your window bathes your room in a soft glow, and for some reason, you just know that today is the beginning of something new.

There’s an element of rush, an element of distance. Something in you already knows that you’re about to leave all that you see behind, even if only for a season.

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Moving on, making do


I think young adults these days need to learn that what they choose now isn’t what they have to settle with for their entire lives. And that if they’re unsure a8out what kind of change they want to make in the world, there’s no 8etter way to find out than to get out there and experience it all. Or may8e everyone knew that 8ut me.

May8e everyone already knew that a healthy adult life doesn’t arrive in the mail as a complete set. Some people only know what kind of change they want to make, or only know what kind of lifestyle they want to life, or what they’re good at. Or any com8ination of the dozens of aspects that make up a life.

I guess these things are meant to come one or two at a time 8ecause I need to keep moving and I don’t have all the answers yet. It doesn’t seem impossi8le to make to do with what I have.

Challenge and Change


I’m under more pressure (from myself) to get a fulfilling(?) job because I don’t have anything else to do with my life for the next year. One whole year. I mean… I could call this last year both fast and slow.

Actually, no. It was just slow. But not in a bad way. It was slow as in… Deliberate, over-flowing with lessons to learn, skills to acquiesce. And I guess I’m afraid of wasting this next year of my life. I’m looking for a challenge. Maybe that’s all I should ask for and seek: A challenge.

At the moment, I’m looking for work as a barista at a legitimate cafe (not Starbucks). Coffee: global industry meets local community, great platform from which to support change at every level. And I like working with my hands and connecting with people.

But the cafe scene in Calgary, Alberta, Canada is a bit of an insider’s club kind of thing. Granted I do have foots stuffed into a few doors, there’s still a lot to worry about (from my perspective).

Now is the time to find work as a barista. University-age people will be leaving work or cutting their hours to go back to school. (Now that I think of it… Wouldn’t a lot of baristas be a little older than that at more respectable cafes?) Honestly, I see this as the only chance I have. And I think it’s very unhealthy for me to see it this way. Continue reading