Going places no one else will ever go


I like music that makes me feel like I’m somewhere else, at a different time. But I realize I’m probably never going to find the places that I tie to these distinct emotions. ‘Cuz these vibes come from the songs themselves and, as much as I’d like to feel wind, sand, and the spray of the ocean on the other side of the Pacific while watching the sun set, I’m sure I wouldn’t feel exactly the way any certain song feels. Unless I were to make a song about that moment of my life. Then that song would feel the way I did when I was where I was when I made it.

But when another person hears that song, they’re likely to imagine a different place and time than where I was when I made it. Haha, life’s funny that way. Then maybe they’ll go searching for the place they think my song came from, when really, the only song they’ll find there is their own.

I hope that when they get there, they’ll share. ‘Cuz even if I went where they were, I wouldn’t find the same thing- The same song, or picture, painting, poem, or story. Maybe if I went with them, though, I’d come a little closer to the secret places only they’ve been. Maybe I’d like to take people to my secret places too.

God… That would be so interesting.



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