June 12 – An Update


My life has not required much in the way of deep thought, as of late.

Over the next week, I’m challenging my highschool diploma exams, 2 years after I dropped out. I joined my dad in singing karaoke really badly in the basement
after I got home from work. I’m learning how to teach and support my new coworkers at the food truck I worked in last summer.

I’ve learned that change comes slowly but it seems more realistic to me that way and I am comforted by the concept of it, of slow growth. I’ve learned to brush off physical discomfort and not let physical pain diffuse through my mind and into my emotions.

I’ve become really busy and it scares me. I get stressed in advance about the things I’m planning to take responsibility for. But I bet if I put to paper what I predict my schedule will look like in a few weeks, I wouldn’t be so scared. Fear unknown is infinite. I should take the time to face what I’m afraid of before it arrives. Or will it even arrive if I’m afraid? I might just keep putting it off if I’m so scared! Haha.

Anyway, that’s what’s been up with me. What about you, friend? Anything you’re proud of? Scared of? Eager to face? Irked to endure? Talk to me, I have time.
Or at least I’ll be back eventually.



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