Superheroes are given super villians to fight because if there weren’t any, it would just be a story of how hard it would be to decide who to save when the same decision means choosing who to abandon.

If it were me, I’d just roll a dice. Or better yet, let someone else choose. Then the burden of the choice wouldn’t be on me. Or, at least, there would be someone else to blame.

I’m afraid of being stretched so thin that I don’t make a difference at all. But I don’t want to abandon anybody…

Rather than being self-sacrificial and altruistic, it’s actually pretty selfish to half-commit to so many things that no substantial work is done with any of them. Honestly, then I’d only be involved for my own sake and for the sake of appearance: to avoid guilt and avoid looking like I don’t care.

I think it would help if I stopped thinking I’m the only one who can help the people around me who are in need. I’d really rather have too many people, rather than too little, looking to help out, though.



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