The Daily #15


I’ve been hibernating. Both my problems and my aspirations have lately been absent from my life. For a few months, I didn’t think of the future. I loved and was loved in my everyday life but moving forward was gone from my mind. I wasn’t bothered by this; in fact, it’s because I largely ignored my future– and my past –that I was able to be so blissful.

But I’m not dead yet, which means I’m not perfect yet and I have a mission. Part of that mission is to confront the issues of my flesh, the corruption hiding the image of God inside of me.
This means unearthing pain from my past and staring down dread from the future.

Even in the present, I’m starting to feel squeezed. Life is getting good, beaauuttiful things are happening! But the greater these things become, the sweeter they’d be as idols as well. The higher up I go, the farther I may fall: by loss or corruption.

There’s anger and confusion here, but I think I’m better prepared to face it. God has always been ready to carry me through these things, but until now, I haven’t been ready to go for the ride. I’m constantly being taught to pack lighter, to hold tighter, to trust Him.

It’s simple but difficult because we only see so far. We only remember so much. But that’s true strength, eh? To let go and let God carry you high up in the skies of life, through all kinds of weather, together.


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