The Daily #13 – Life is different from video games because…


Life is different from video games because in life, there are times when you just have to put something down and admit that you can’t move forward very effectively without the help of someone who already knows what you’re trying to learn and can teach you.

I’m having trouble learning to consistently do bar(re) chords on an acoustic guitar. My hands are weak and my technique is probably shoddy at best; and, pessimism aside, it could very well be that by persevering at this time, lacking the knowledge I need to become more skillful, I’m actually reinforcing bad habits and techniques. And I don’t want that so I’m taking a break. It kinda sucks, but I’m over it. But it kinda sucks.

Video games don’t exactly work this way, I think. Rather than there being that risk of reinforcing bad habits, most games are designed in such a way that you can and are encouraged to figure them out on your own.

Video games also don’t seem to require as much of a grind as life. Or, at least, games try to make that grind fun. The grind is part of the game rather than a means by which a player gets to the fun parts, more or less. Then there’s life and things in it, like playing the guitar or other instruments. I can’t even play for 5 hours or more without… Wait a sec…

Maybe I don’t suck that much at playing the guitar. Shit. I’ve just practiced for much longer than I’m used to. I didn’t exactly suck this much when I started practicing this afternoon.

That’s another place where games and life vary. In games, you’re always telegraphed clearly how well you’re doing in what you’re trying to do. In life, it’s way too easy to forget about circumstance. It’s way too easy to let pessimism and the need for a cold glass of water trick you into writing a rant about hating what you actually love to do.

I’m pretty sure I’ll love playing the guitar tomorrow. But still, there is hard work to be done and I’m not used to it at all. Delayed gratification? Ugh, disgusting. But for something as sweet as music, I’ll wait and keep at it.



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