The Daily #12


I think it’s time I got to know myself better. If I did, I might be able to do the things I’ve decided to do.

Or maybe it’s not about knowing myself. No… Nah. It’s always about knowing myself.

No, really, maybe I’m waiting for something that will never come. Maybe I’ve put knowledge on a pedestal; I believed that knowing what to do would make it easy to get that thing done. But how often have I known what to do yet never done it?

I think it’s time I tried just doing it. Not just try but really commit to it.

Nothing is impossible. It just seems like so much work for a little thing. If this is genuine pain, then it’s an injustice. But it’s required for me to make a difference in this world. I must surrender now in order to triumph later on.

God, it’s just such a bitter pill to swallow. The world is so broken. It isn’t even the worst for me. I am tired.



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