The Daily #6 – Why do I even write daily?


The topic for today: Why do I even write daily? Why even?

I’ve been self-conscious about my blog lately. More specifically, I’ve been wondering whether or not it’s attractive for me to write the way I do. I tend to write personally, as if I’m speaking to you, the reader. But I wonder if that makes people uncomfortable.

Actually, scratch that. I don’t even think I’m far enough along to have to worry about whether or not my personal blog is written in a winning style. And anyway, if it’s my personal blog that I wish would become popular, shouldn’t I write the way I want to?

Shouldn’t I?

What do I want to accomplish with my writing, anyway? Haven’t I already asked myself this question?

Why do I write? “Because there are things I want to write about and share with the world.” Thank God, I already figured it out a 2 weeks ago.

More specifically, then, why do I bother writing down my (sort-of) daily thoughts like the ones in this post here?

I think writing like this brings me a lot of clarity through observations about what I think and how I think. For example…

Now that I’ve had second breakfast, one that I actually enjoyed, I’m a little more lucid than I was when I started writing this post. I was pretty much a wreck before scrambled eggs and ketchup gave me hope for better things to come. Before that, I felt a way I haven’t felt for a while– I was really confused and anxious. And now, having written throughout the experience, I think I understand why.

I started writing before I had really experienced much of the day. This is a problem because I’m a terribly forgetful person, so when I write in the morning, I have no real context to base my observations on. Any questions I ask then circle in on themselves because of the lack of answers to them, and I get confused and worry that I’ll never figure it out.

But of course, none of that is true. By the end of the day, as long as I don’t start the day off on the wrong foot and stay that way, I’ve experienced that I’m capable of living my life whether or not I know all the answers to my questions.

It makes sense because I don’t usually write these “just write about whatever’s on your mind” posts in the morning. When I started writing these, I figured I’d have nothing interesting to talk about first thing in the morning and that I’d do myself more good thinking through things at the end of a day full of experiences. And it just so turned out that not having much to talk about isn’t the only problem that I come upon when I write in the morning.

So, restating the question, why do I bother writing these daily posts about whatever is on my mind?

Honestly, I started off doubtful that these would do me any good, thinking I’d struggle through them but that I’d get super-popular if I kept it up long enough. But I’ve figured out a lot of cool things about myself by writing this way. I just need to remind myself not to write too often first thing in the morning, since at the very least I’ll have nothing to talk about and at worst, I have mini-mental-breakdowns. Not to worry, though. Scrambled eggs and ketchup are always readily available.

As for whether or not I should be writing in such a ‘personal’ style, I think I should do whatever I want. I mean, it wouldn’t be very interesting if I wasn’t completely myself on my personal blog, would it? That said, I could work on clarity even in these personal, train-of-thought posts.

Anyway, thanks for reading! Feel free to chat me up about the randomest of thoughts down below in the comments, though that should go without saying.



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