The Daily #5 – All’s well even when morning is night, thank God


wpid-20150225_052356_lls.jpgTime sure moves slowly and in awkward ways when you sleep whenever you want. It’s as if there’s no way for me to tell when yesterday became today, or when today will become tomorrow. This sort of confusion can be dangerous, I guess. It’s never wise not to pursue clarity when it’s available.

The actions of the my mornings set the precedent for what I do for the rest of the day. Unfortunately, my mornings don’t always take place in the morning. And although I sleep according to my own schedule, I still tend to live by the numbers on the bottom left corner of my monitor. [Edit: Bottom right*, it’s time for bed.]

I should be eating breakfast and then getting some exercise right now, but within the context of my body clock, I should actually have dinner then get ready for bed. And quite a day is ahead of me. Errands to run that I should probably get to.  Thank God, due to the last time I exercised and the work I did yesterday, I’ve built up some willpower.

A haircut, a few job applications, and some searching for info on student loans shouldn’t faze me. And so far, it doesn’t. There may be some confusion surrounding my body clock but I’ve got enough. I’ll be okay, thank God.

I think I’ve identified the source of temptation in my life. I usually go to the wrong places for brief satisfaction when I’m bored and I don’t feel as though there’s anything coming. It’s highly connected to my work ethic ‘cuz of course I won’t get anything I don’t work for.

The solution isn’t to obsess over myself and strive excessively to live an exciting life, but it’s definitely wise to identify good work by my hands as a deterrent to other, more transient and destructive things. In its proper place, hard work is a great and godly thing, and I’m excited to catch glimpses of it hanging around the gathering places in my mind.



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