The Daily #1 – Why do I write?


I was speaking to a good friend of mine and she let me know that writing daily in a journal positively impacts creativity. And I’m into creativity so I thought I might as well give it a try.

The topic for today: Why do I write?


None of the reasons for why I write are very profound. Mostly, I like to write because I like to communicate, and I like to communicate because I get very excited about some of my ideas, insights, and analyses about the things I encounter in life.

I like to write about video games because video games can be great platforms for discussion about whole hosts of things. Unlike stories, games ask you to act and can serve as a mirrors that show us why we do what we do and feel what we feel.

As for writing itself, I’m not particularly in love with it and I don’t imagine many people are. I don’t mean to belittle people who do love it solely for the act and the art of it; it’s definitely an art if you make it to be. But that’s just not me. I write because there are things that I’m interested in and that I want to share.

Pretty simple actually, sorry to disappoint if you were looking forward to an interesting answer =)

I’ve lately taken a liking to the simplicity of my preferences. I can appreciate being simple. In fact, something about knowing it makes me feel all fuzzy inside. I like food, music, movies, and video games… Sending sharp things through the air accurately: knives, darts, arrows. And I write because there are things I want to write about and share with the world.

I have to admit, sometimes I do write to hear the voice inside my head speak. I enjoy my voice, both the one that rings in the air and the one that flows in my mind. I like speaking, writing, and authoring sentences. But I wouldn’t be proud of my writing if I wrote for the sake of hearing myself speak. Fortunately for me, thank God, my mind is also pretty analytical and introspective so I always have plenty to talk about as long as I keep my eyes open.

That’s why I decided to try to make writing work out for me as a career. I’m not interested in school so I won’t go to university or college for writing, not yet. Not until I get a taste of what it’s like to have to do this reliably and if I like that kind of life. And of that, I’m not sure.

Every job requires hard work, otherwise it wouldn’t be worth paying someone to do it. What I’m searching for are things that I enjoy so much that I’m willing to work hard. I have an inkling that writing is one of those things. Exciting, isn’t it?


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