Was watchin’ some Durarara on Crunchy Roll and it was just starting to get really good when the episodes switched from subbed to dubbed. At first, I thought I could get used to it but it’s just so odd. And forgive me my presumption but perhaps, just maybe, the voiceover work actually sucks. It doesn’t sound as if people are having actual conversations. Instead, people stop and start talking in a way that doesn’t flow naturally, speak at an odd pace, and emotionally fluctuate in ways that don’t seem to jive with the animation.

But I can imagine how hard it must be to translate the original script both to convey the original story and match the length and general pronunciation of words in order for the voice work and the animation to move together. Tough.

Makes me wonder if dubbing is worth doing. I know it doesn’t always have to be bad. I really enjoyed the dubbing for the original Full Metal Alchemist anime, but that may have been because I heard the English version first before I heard the Japanese one. I’m pretty sure it at least flowed naturally, though. I spoke English as fluently when I heard English FMA as I do now, so perhaps English Durarara actually does suck.

I’ve never seen it on TV so maybe it didn’t get the same high-quality treatment as FMA. Which brings the question up again: What was the voiceover work supposed to accomplish for Durarara?



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