Valentine’s, eh?


I saw a short Valentine’s-themed vid on YouTube by LilyPichu ’bout a crush she had in middle school and I thought, “Hey, why not write about that one time you were a total creep to that girl you liked, laying your stupidity bare for all the world to see, the effects of the event still echoing onwards in your soul?” But then I figured no one would get much out of it. I’ve learned a lot from it already and it’s not such an interesting story anyway.

But hey, I have another Valentine’s-themed story. My parents say I was due very close to Valentine’s day, so they were planning to perhaps name me Valentino. I could’ve been a Val, a Len, or a Tino. But nah, I was born two days too late for that so they settled on Jose Marie. But they thought I’d be too stupid to spell it as a child so they decided to help me out and officially shorten it to Jomar.

I still think it would be awesome to write “Jose Marie” on papers and stuff, but it’s too late to ask people to call me something other than what I grew up with. Which isn’t true; it’s never too late. I guess I’m just not interested.

Happy V-Day, all. Hope it’s full of love and laughter for you, whether you choose to spend it with lovers, friends, or Netflix.



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