Transitioning into a new era in my writing. Or at least, I hope to. And with any new stage in life, I always like to ask why. It helps grant me direction when I know why I’ve decided to do what I do.

Vague: I want to contribute to the positive growth and progress of the video games industry and fan community.
Specific: ~
Roundabout: I like to ponder how the different elements of a game contribute to make me feel and behave the way I do while I play the game. How can I use this for good?

I could be an educator and philosopher. But to do so at any legitimate level, I’ll have to keep in mind the psychology of games. In that regard, I’m an opinionated hobbyist at best.

But who’s to say I can’t speak on what I know or extrapolate from it? I can make inferences, I’m human. I can’t claim infallibility but I can claim to make semi-educated guesses.

Too often, it seems people only bother to speak up when they want change. I want to equip the average gamer to understand and communicate their experiences, and to encourage everyone to use that understanding to communicate what they love about the games they play, in order to safeguard and amplify what we love rather than only asking developers to do away with what we don’t enjoy.

But even that is a vague goal. And who’s to say I’m qualified? Who’s to say that that’s what my skills are optimally aligned to accomplish? I feel as though I still don’t know myself as a writer. But I can’t wait until I know before I make attempts to write quality articles. I mean, how will I ever know what I’m good at until I try?

Still, it would be awesome to have mentors and seniors to guide me. But I can’t wait until then either. I just need to start moving in any direction. It’s my capacity to move that counts in the end, after all. Figuring out my dreams can happen later. There’s no getting to them anyway if I don’t have the work ethic and tenacity to accomplish them. I can work on those things right now.



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