Thoughts on good food and learning to make it


Here’s a nice article about the program I’m hoping get into this Fall. (Update: SAIT mailed me a week after I applied that I was being offered a spot.)

The following was my reaction to the article, sent to my best friend through text. But I think it to be very true and I want to remember it so it’s getting posted here, whether y’all like it or not 😐 Just kidding, haha. Hope you guys get something from it too.

I like how the chefs, at the end of the article, say that a lot of cooks eventually fall out of the industry, and that that’s natural.

‘Cuz that’s how i feel about it. to me, it’s a place to be while God figures me out, while i figure Him out. and i feel as though there are a lot of things in me that havent surfaced yet, and of course, a lot of things i dont yet know about God.”

It’s exciting. I feel so vast, as if there are so many things in me that I just haven’t come into conscious contact with yet. And the more I know God, the more I’m led to the things He’s put in me.

It’s hard for me to explain, but I constantly feel a spiritual connection through food. Nothing makes me feel more loved than a hot meal; nothing makes God’s providence, both to sustain and satisfy us, more tangible to me than the simple fact that there are so many things out there in the world to eat, and they’re all so damn goooood.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” Not sure where that is in the Bible, but I’m definitely behind the notion.



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