Who am I as a video game blogger?


Not gonna lie, I’m using this blog as a sound board to bounce off ideas for what I should write to the fine folks over at Analog Addiction. “What will you bring to Analog Addiction?” their question says. Well… What do I bring to my own blog?

I love analyzing the way I feel when playing video games; I love wondering why games me feel the ways I do when I play them. I’m also really curious about how video games affect the individual and society as a medium.

And I am crazy-excited at the prospect of being able to contribute to such a young, burgeoning industry. It’s similar to the way I felt working at a food truck last summer, only the second year they’ve been allowed to run in my city. To be involved in anything at such a crucial point in its development, as it seeks its place in society… Doesn’t it just make you feel so connected to the world, a product of its past and a proponent of its future?

That’s another thing I guess I bring with my writing. My articles always end up ethereal, cosmic, and wide-eyed while I’m not paying attention. The longer I talk, the more hyped I get about… Everything. Call it a charm point?

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Thanks, blog. You’ve done me well today. So proud of you. Copy/pasting this to my application.


WOOOAAAH, I really applied. Woah. Cooool.



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