Sometimes, I have questions that… It’s so hard to word this without sounding like an idiot…

Sometimes, the questions I wonder about…. Uguu, one more try.

Sometimes, I don’t know what the purpose is of the question I ask, what the purposes are of the questions I ask. I mean to say I don’t know what I’d do with whatever answer I got. I guess I could make up a hypothetical answer then play pretend at how I’d react, but I can’t even imagine what the answer may be to this particular question. Or at least, I can’t fathom the implications of the answers that I think may be.

I think I’m trying to predict the future by analyzing the present and past again. It’s so like me to try to secure an image of the future, something I can feel certain about. But it’s not an image I should put my hope in; my hope is meant to be in the persons that walk with me to an end that can’t be seen with earthly eyes. My progress can’t be gauged by the earthly things that happen around me.

That’s something new to me, although it’s what the Bible says is true. I’ve never personally acknowledged it before.

So it may be that my perspective has been wrong. The answers I sought weren’t the ones that I needed in that situation.

Mm… Instead, the question I should be asking is this: What does it mean to progress spiritually and how does spiritual progress reflect onto earthly life?



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