The trailer to 20 Questions, a documentary I voluntered to be a part of, and a Kensington rant


Just finished an interview with the great, up-and-coming artist Drew McGrath here in Calgary. Some of you may recognize his name from Hell on Wheels on AMC, filmed in Alberta as well. I was a little shocked when I heard such a big show had anything to do with my tiny lil’ city. But I’m grateful to Mr McGrath for giving me the opportunity to share a bit of my story with the world, whatever that will accomplish in the grand scheme of things, haha.

I also got some incense from these two buskers here in Kensington. That, the interview, and having set up a possible meeting with one of Mr McGrath’s friends, who is involved in radio and voice acting, makes this a pretty interesting day so far.

Now if only it wasn’t so cold outside, I wouldn’t have to ride the train home for an hour to grab a jacket before riding it back downtown to meet up with my friends for the night. Not that I should be complaining, though. It’s winter after all. Temperatures above 0C are a treat, not guaranteed.

And Idno what I’d do for 4 hours waiting for my friends anyway. I’d probably eat, or spend money some other way. I didnt even bring my phone charger. Good bye.



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