Pain isn’t better than nothing, but sometimes it’s a side effect to something more.


Check this blogger out if you haven’t already. I’m envious of his ability to consistently write insightful articles daily. This post of mine is a bit a response to his but more like a digression, so I decided to post it here rather than stuff up his comment section once again, haha.

Maybe it’s ‘cuz I’m a stone-faced freak who, apart from stone-faceyness, only ever feels frustration or unreasonable, asinine cheerfulness… But I tend to remember situations where I’ve had reason to feel anything worth crying about fondly. Now, that’s probably the most aloof and disconnected thing you’ve ever heard someone say but it’s true.

I mean, I’m not about to be so insensitive as to outright tell a person that they’ll enjoy looking back on tragic things later on because I know it’s not true, and I know the things I look back on are things anyone would remember fondly, whether or not the surrounding circumstances are going well at the time.

I don’t look back and smile at rejection, embarrassment, and failure. What I look back to see are passion, excitement, and determination. It just so happens that where those three latter things are, the former sometimes follow. So I guess I really don’t praise pain as better than feeling nothing at all; they’re just occasional side-effects of things in life that really are meant to be sought after.

I’m not weird after all, I just don’t understand myself completely. Look at me~ Learning~



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