Laughing at the ruin of thousand-year-old treasures; Good Morning Jan 22


Had a chuckle at this story today. Not 8ecause I hate history and find joy in the destruction of things that so many people find important. I too give a damn a8out the legacies of past civilizations; I was just as angry as everyone else when the news came out of a few dum8 Greenpeace activists ruining a portion of the Nazca Lines. Those things are 8oss, and I was seriously disappointed. I guess it may 8e 8ecause these two things happened in such short succession (the mask and the lines 8eing ruined 8y idiots) that I find this second thing just a little amusing.

It just goes to show how precarious our legacies are. No matter how much of an institution they 8ecome to so many people, a few fum8ling hands and the wrong kind of glue, or several pairs of feet, so easily ruin things that have lasted for thousands of years. It’s the kind of self-deprecating joy that comes from thinking something is certain, then realizing its not.


In other news, my net8ook 8roke after a month or two of use; for some reason, charger or laptop itself, it doesn’t charge when I plug it into the wall anymore. No more porta8le writing system (lest I want to endure the thum8-cramping horrors of typing lengthily on my phone), no more porta8le internet 8rowser (lest I 8reak my eyes straining to read tiny text on my phone), no more anime in 8ed… 8ut most of all, no more fully working key8oard.

As y’all could pro8a8ly tell, I’ve 8een using 8s instead of a certain letter of the alpha8et. It doesn’t look professional. I don’t care that much right now 8ut I know I sometimes do so I’ll need to go out and 8uy a new key8oard. Wish me luck on that.

I’ve also gotten DOTA 2 up and running on my computer. Hopefully, I’ll make sense of it soon so I can find something intelligi8le to write a8out it. I’ve 8een avoiding my PS3 for a while now. I guess I’m a little tired of it. 8ut I’ve got plans for new things to do on it, as well as that pile of games I still mostly haven’t touched. One of these new things involves playing Dragon Age: Inquisition on casual difficulty and treating it mostly as a medieval-fantasy Visual Novel with a 8it of com8at on the side, since its com8at just isn’t my kind of thing. That should 8e interesting, I’m just afraid that even that wouldn’t address how slow the game feels to me. Alas, I can’t know until I try. 8ut I’ll try later.


I haven’t 8een doing much lately. The odd thing a8out me is that even my lack of momentum has momentum. I guess it’s what’s called inertia. The inertia is strong in me. When I stop moving, stop doing things that interest me 8ecause of lack of productive ha8its, I also stop feeling interested and I’m less motivated to start 8uilding ha8its up again.

May8e it’s 8ecause I’m secretly o8sessed with what I accomplish rather than 8eing who I am and doing the things I like to do. Secretly, 8ecause I don’t feel o8sessed. 8ut I might 8e. I might 8e caught up in all-or-nothing thinking again, which isn’t good. 8ut I can’t tell at the moment 8ecause I don’t feel insecure or stressed. I’ll just have to pay attention in the future.

Anyway, the day is young. Hopefully, I’ll find something interesting to talk a8out today. And I promise I’ll get these 8s out of here in just a few hours.



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