Don’t Wait Till You’re Hungry


What’s the first thought you’d have while walking to the mail box one fine day? I bet it’s not, “Gee, I’m sure glad I ate earlier today in order to sustain my hot bod and give me the strength and energy to hustle it down the sidewalk.” And it’s mostly alright that you don’t think that. Eating is so natural to us humans that we don’t often have to remind ourselves to do it.

But what of our spirituo-emotional health? Whenever we pass over a problem in our minds like, “Hey, my old friends are hanging out without me…” When such a thought doesn’t make us at all spiteful or bothered, we don’t often think to ourselves, “Gee, I sure am glad I did whatever it took to secure some deep-seated contentment in my life.”

And yet, I believe we may hunger emotionally and spiritually in the same way we hunger physically. We need consistent hits of whatever it takes to give us a sense of security in this world.

If you wait till you’re hungry to feed yourself, it’ll just be so much harder to do so.

Physically, this ain’t so much a problem, what with refridgeration and microwave technology. We don’t need to chase chickens down with our stomachs growling anymore.

But emotionally, I don’t think the challenge has gone away. We can’t refridgerate and nuke emotional security the way we can a piece of old pizza. So that spiritual hunger still gets in the way, still dizzies us and adds to the struggle to think clearly in troubled times.

So perhaps we should give emotio-spiritual security and contentment the same place in our minds that food has come to occupy. That is: let’s not wait until we’re hungry before we go hunting.



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