I Quit Dragon Age (Sort of)


I’ve had enough of Walking: The Game, or Not Sure If This Mission Makes a Difference: Definitive Edition. I can’t even enjoy it like I enjoy Pokemon, the kind of game the combat system was inevitably pointing to, because the areas I’m exploring seem to be completely devoid of anything to fight. The size of these places at first inspired wonder and a desire to explore, but now they’re just too damn big and empty, haha.

“Get out of the Hinterlands,” I often heard said. Well at least I had stuff to kill every 5 minutes there. Anyone been to the Storm Coast? Yeah. I’ve been in 3 or 4 fights overall, none of them lasting more than a minute or two. And I believe I’ve been there for at least half an hour.

Maybe I’ve been playing the game wrong. I’ll investigate later. But for now, I’d like to play some real Strategy-RPG games. Something like Fire Emblem or League of Legends.

That reminds me, I haven’t actually finished Fire Emblem: Awakening yet. Fire Emblem marathon, anyone? Haha, that would be fun.

PS. I have just been informed that there are horses in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Dammit. I STILL DON’T LIKE THE GAME THOUGH, YOU CAN’T MAKE ME LIKE IT…

…I’ll go pick those horses up later.


4 thoughts on “I Quit Dragon Age (Sort of)

  1. Yah, I’m with you, the walking sucks. In good news, there are horses. In bad news, there is no horse combat, nor are there horses for your companions. So your rides through the open countryside will be just as quiet as your walks…*sigh*

    • Aw man. At least when walking, your party would bicker, argue, or sometimes get along in interesting ways.

      The problem of the big, empty world is surely a question of taste, I believe. Some people are really into the unhindered exploration. I bet I’d be into it too if I were playing on a PC or next-gen console, instead of starting at a handful of coloured polygons on PS3, haha.

      I just wanna kill stuff in challenging ways, maaan. But the killing in this game is neither interesting nor comes often enough.

    • Prof.mcstevie

      Even worse news, you cannot attach swords to your horse and send it off into battle. The game really doesn’t let you be the hero you were meant to be.

      • D: Heresy! I can’t strap bombs to my horse and smack it on the bum, instantly annihilating my enemies? This game’s not worth my time.

        On a serious note, though: I love the character interactions, the history, and the lore. Everything is so damn interesting. Are there any tie-in novels I could read?

        Oh damn, I just thought up something amaaazing. I could play the game on Casual Difficulty! Wow! What a revelation! Thank you to all o’ y’all. Can’t have thought this up without you netizens to bounce ideas off of.


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