Titanfall 2 Won’t Be A Microsoft Exclusive



YAAAAaaaaassss. But wait, Halo is still a Microsoft exclusive. BUT WAIT, if I upgrade my PC, I get PC exclusives as well as most Xbox games. And there aren’t many Playstation exclusive games I’m really excited about.

All of a sudden, this news isn’t all that exciting…


2 thoughts on “Titanfall 2 Won’t Be A Microsoft Exclusive

  1. Isn’t Halo owned by Microsoft though? Is anything really an exclusive if I can still get it on PC? 🙂 It should be good on Playstation. I kinda feel bad for the people who sank money into Titanfall 1 only to be getting a sequel for a multiplayer only game this quickly.

    • I am not even sure when the sequel is set to come out 😀 2 or 3 years isn’t so bad by console standards. I just hope this second game retains more of a following than the first. Not that I know of the problems first hand, I just hear about them.


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