Jan 15 Ril Talk


I don’t really see covering video game news as a constructive exercise for small video game blogs. And by small, I don’t mean myself; I mean to say… Any blog that is not robust enough to be a reader’s main source of VG news. We’ve all got our Polygon’s and Kotaku’s, I’m not sure it helps to try to compete with such staple-esque outlets.

Not that I don’t think current or future events are worth writing about. I imagine it to be much more productive to approach such things in an editorial-style fashion, though, for blogs who don’t have the size and kind of audiences that major VG sites do.

Is it the resources that those sites have give them their edge? Or is it plainly the size of their audience? Or is it because I use my Facebook feed as an RSS feed and my WordPress feed to follower more editorially-focused bloggers. Maybe it’s because I use these two different sources for different ends. That’s probably it.

But what do I know? These are just guesses based on my own reactions to that kind of article in my WordPress feed. It’s a pretty messy interface, now that I think of it. Or maybe I just need to clean up my follows a little.

Anyway, I really should get around to setting up a stand-alone page for my new XP HNTR project. For those who don’t know, I’ve basically just decided to take my writing more seriously. I’m planning to write about anything that interests me, with a bit of a focus on video games, as you might’ve been able to tell by the title of the project.

For the sake of the image I’d like to portray through XP HNTR and for my own sake, I’d like to have that blog separate from this one. I really like writing freely, not really taking care to censor myself all the time. I wouldn’t wanna lose that, but yet, I’m not sure it would help the XP HNTR project along. It’s easy to tell that I can get pretty ramble-y. That’s not professional at all. I wouldn’t want to follow a blog that posts 3 random, quick-fire rants for every 1 article I’m actually interested in. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

i should probably start looking for a part time job now. That and I should figure out finishing high school this semester. Lately, I’ve also been sleeping whenever I feel like it which isn’t good for productivity. I’m also running out of ideas to write about. I have library books overdue and bills stacking up, though I could pay them at any time. I just don’t want to go to the bank and do so. (Oh wait, I could pay some online.) I haven’t been to church in a month or more, and I’ve been skipping opportunities to go even though I have all the time in the world now.

I should probably write those all down in a list or something. Those used to help a lot. Yeah. I’ll do that.

Edit: Ohhhhh, I just realized this after checking the date to write the title: my new Anthony Bourdain book is supposed to come in the mail today. Awesome. I look forward to more adventures in the culinary world which I now have little interest to become a part of.



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