Destiny DLC-Content Was Ready To Ship When The Game First Released? Not Likely.


It seems a lot of people think that 8ecause a lot of DLC-only areas shipped with the Destiny disc, 8ungie had already finished those DLC and had no real reason to sell them apart from the core game. I think this notion is a 8it silly, though. For two reasons.

First of all, devs and pu8lishers have pro8a8ly 8een doing this sort of thing for a while: creating day-one DLC, extra content that didn’t necessarily ship with the core game 8ut was complete 8y the time the core game was released. I wouldn’t call it unfair then, so I wonder why it’s called unfair now.

Second, it doesn’t necessarily mean that those DLC-only missions were ready to ship just 8ecause the areas that they would happen in were already complete. O8viously, there are things like enemy and o8jective pacing and placement to consider. Perhaps it’s hard to imagine from the viewer’s side of the curtain 8ut I think that with as many moving parts as a modern FPS has these days, it would pro8a8ly take more than a second to play-test and tune everything up in order to deliver the experience the devs strive to offer us.

I’d say that these theories on the game are a 8it irrational, 8ut it’s not like I don’t understand where people are coming from when stuff like on-disc DLC-only maps are found in ways that make it seem as if the devs were trying to hide them.

Everyone’s 8othered 8y the lack of PvE content. I get that; I know disappointment. And I’m hurt right alongside everyone who 8elieved the hype a8out this game. 8ut I don’t think it helps to get riled up a8out every other theory on the ‘net. It’s easy to 8e angry, 8ut it doesn’t often fix things. As a community, unless we calm down, figure out what’s really wrong, and articulate our thoughts clearly, I don’t think we can help things along.

PS. I don’t mean to say that 8ungie and Activision didn’t cut content out of Destiny’s release, only to release it later for a fee. Just that it doesn’t seem like a likely theory 8ased on what some in our community have la8eled ‘conclusive evidence,’ and that even if they did, it’s not as if it’s the first time a game to have done this.



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