Tomb Riader post Triolgy Anti-Climax


Aw laaaaame. The game was just getting good and that’s where it ends. Fuuuu. I wanna fight more samurai. Grrrrrr...

It was good while it lasted, though. Though I would’ve liked if it lasted longer. What other game has got such a unique interplay between melee and gunplay? I take back what I said about Tomb Raider’s combat being a The Last of Us clone. The little differences, like the melee dodges and finishers, really served to make combat pleasingly hectic and reflex-centric. None of those pop-ups above enemy heads showing when they’re about to attack and you should dodge. Just use your eyes, brethren.

The combat. Those puzzles. Too bad it had to end so soon. That must’ve only been 30% of the game at most =( Shame on you, Squenix.

Alas, no ragrets. I’m glad I played Tomb Raider, if only for that last hour or two, and for that lesson on taking breaks, staying positive, and looking at the big picture, too.



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