My Much-Improved Opinion on Tomb Raider – Enigma Solved!


3rd time’s the charm, it seems, when it comes to getting my head right about Tomb Raider. At the end of my last post, I said I’d give the game another shot, this time, staying positive and keeping my eyes open for something new.

Well, I may not have found anything new but that dull aching feeling in the back of my mind disappeared and I got to see the game as a whole rather than fixating on its parts. The game, it seems, is finally opening up to me, and I’m only halfway through the whole thing.

I think it’s safe to blame fatigue for the way I felt. That, and perhaps the start of the game was slow. Now that I have a wide array of tools at my disposal and the game is sure I know how to use them, it seems its no longer afraid to dish more complex puzzles and situations for me to triumph over.

I really believe fatigue could have been a big factor in my lack of enjoyment, though. After all, I chose to play the whole first half of the game straight. That’s 5-7 hours of a game that hadn’t opened up to me yet. Of course I’d get tired.

Before I got tired, it came to mind that one of the reasons it may be hard for me to figure out my opinion on Tomb Raider is because I don’t often play single-player, story-centric games. That is, games that aren’t just made for pure fun or competition. Rather, Tomb Raider is a game with the extra realm of Story. Thus, I believe that the game can’t be judged based only on how it performs as a fun exercise but also on how well it adds nuance, complements, and generally empowers the story it seeks to tell.

That’s not something I have experience with at all, haha.

And now, I am delighted and satisfied because I’ve finally learned something from Tomb Raider. Now, all that’s left is to enjoy the rest of the game.

Edit, another 20 minutes into the game: Honestly, if the game opened up early, say, near 20% rather than becoming badass-awesome at 55% like it does, there would not have been a doubt in my mind that this is a great game. ‘Cuz that’s what it is after grinding through more than half the game, which seems to be an extended tutorial of sorts.

I mean, dueling samurai with shotguns, ARs and pistols. This is heaven.



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