Jan 11 Digression


I’m starting to latch onto the nuances of GTA V. What I find especially pleasing are the driving mechanics and the voice acting. The voice acting in particular makes the story very believable. The characters are written well too. I’ve only played the first few story missions of the game and I can already see why one of my friends suggested this game to me based on its story alone. GTA has never been the kind of game that I’d imagine spending hours on, but I can see myself doing so now. The story drew me in and the mechanics are solid enough to keep me in, granted there’s enough content for me to trudge through.

Alas, no good thing goes unpunished. In the middle of particularly chaotic scenes, I noticed the frame rate fluctuating wildly. Then the screen froze in place. I was playing on a PS3 after all. I couldn’t complain. I just reached over and reset my console.

While looking for another game to play, I hesitated. Here was, right where I left it the other night, a pile of a dozen games or more. And yet I felt uneasy. It wasn’t so much that I felt indecisive, as if I wanted to play every game but couldn’t decide which to play first.It was more like I was afraid of having to start at the beginning of the skill spectrum. I’d have to start these games as a total noob.

I’m not much of a gamer, although I play games a lot. I only play certain games; FPSes mostly. And some games on my phone, here and there. And League of Legends. I’ve always been a little scared to step out.

And yet, I recognize this feeling. This is the feeling I get when I haven’t played a game of LoL for 2 weeks but a friend of mine has asked me to join him for a few rounds. It’s the feeling of uncertainty, at approaching something either new or made new by the amount of time I’ve spent away from it. But getting past this feeling almost always leads me to something beautiful: not always success, but never anything I regret.

So with that in mind, I choose the game in the pile that I know the least about, that I have the least experience with: Tomb Raider. Wish me luck, fellas.



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