Ode to the Call of Duty Veteran’s 8roken Heart


I know, I knooow. I’ve 8een taking the easy way out lately with my posts, mostly just linking to cool stuff I come across on my off time. 8ut this commentary is just too good. It perfectly encapsulates what my recent thoughts on CoD and even offers some deep insight into many players’ history with the game. If you’re an CoD veteran like me (if having 8een around since MW2 allows me to call myself that), this commentary is a definite must-watch.

Going off topic, though, damn is it hard to find something to write a8out. The night is still young, however. Surprisingly so. Keep on the look out for fresh, new articles tonight. And if you’re not a night owl like myself, 8e sure to check 8ack in the morning. Pce.



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