Jan. 10 Digression


I’m moving my second-hand office chair to the basement where the big TV is, ‘Cuz it would be ludicrous if I gave up on being a games writer just ‘cuz I found it a little uncomfortable to be down there. It is uncomfortable in my basement but the way I see it, if I can’t make it more comfortable down there, I need to make it less comfortable up here in my bedroom where I’m more inclined to hang out.

I’ll leave my old, crappy $50 Ikea chair here to use for my desk and PC. Not like there’s anything there that I can’t accomplish on my netbook (other than League of Legends). I wasn’t planning on upgrading my PC to something that could play games any time soon anyway.

But chyeah. I realized during the first half hour of GTA V that bloggable moments were a more difficult to come by than I expected. Probably not impossible, but my lizard brain was so swift to assume so. And foolish me, I let myself get caught up in all the negativity.

It took me a sec, but eventually I (with a little help from some friends) realized that I simply needed to play more, experience more, and keep putting myself in the way of inspiration, which is not apt to seek me out. Rather, it responds to those who seek it instead.



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