Minecraft VS Boredom, Loneliness, & Claustrophobia


Oh man, those textures are pretty nice. I’ve never really tried making my MineCraft game look that nice with texture packs 8efore. Haven’t really tried to make the game more interesting with mods either. Heck, I haven’t even visited the nether legitimately or crafted an enchantment ta8le and tried to reach the ender dragon, or whatever it’s called. Have I 8een doing MineCraft wrong all along?

All I know is that MineCraft has never really held my attention for too long at a time. I guess it’s more of a sand8ox than a game in the traditional sense, with clear o8jectives and o8stacles. Or, at least, it doesn’t have that feel to it. If only I had the motivation to explore its mod community a little more. 8ut Idno, the game has just never really held me for long or captured my attention.

At first, it’s wonderful to have an entire world to yourself, to explore and change up to your liking. 8ut often, the nights are long, 8uilding is tedious, and going spelunking gets really claustropho8ic at times. Like, really claustropho8ic. I hate getting lost in 8ig cave systems.

Things just don’t seem to move very quickly in a vanilla game of MineCraft. I don’t feel a sense of meaningful progression in that game, both in my second-by-second experiences and through the larger scope of reaching for meaningful benchmarks and goals.

My worlds were also often very lonely. I’m not the most extroverted guy around but a big part of how much I enjoy a game is how much it allows me to interact with other people, whether it be collaboratively or competitively. There’s just something that gets me excited about the power to impact another person’s experience. (I often opt to do so positively. Though when my back is up against a wall, I don’t hold back.)

All this leads me to this conclusion: I can’t play vanilla MineCraft, at least not without other people. And I wonder if anyone else can either, haha. Just kidding. I’m sure there’s something there to see. Either I just haven’t looked hard enough or the game just isn’t for me

But if anyone’s interested in taking me on a grand tour of what the game has to offer, I’m totally down for that =) Just let me know down below.



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