A quick lil’, nostalgic ramble while GTA V installs itself



There was once a time when I owned 2 or 3 games at a time, selling one back to the local EB Games before buying the newest iteration of Call of Duty. Gone are those days, but I never expected my games to pile up like this. I think I’ve played half of these games so far and have put more than an hour each into only a handful of them.

Throw Back: Super Nostalgia HD Remix

Some of these games could be quite exciting from a Let’s-Play perspective. If only I still had my El Gato, haha. Metro: Last Light is one of those games for sure, also one of the few games in the pile that I’ve played for more than an hour and one of the games I’ve held onto for the longest, compared to the rest of the pile.

No wonder, it was a heavenly experience. Lemme link to a post I wrote of it years ago. I’m damn proud of that article:


Metro doesn’t explain away death. Whenever I die in the game, I always think of how pathetic it would be if such an important person (in that universe) died that way. I always feel like it’s not meant to be. I guess that’s one more reason I always try again.

I wouldn’t criticize this, since it’s basic video game fare. But instead of becoming a part disbelief I had to suspend (no matter how easy that would be), the experiences that the mechanic created pulled me further into the game.

This was the big climax of the article for me. It’s what I remember it for and why I’m so proud of it. Looking back at it, it isn’t as wordy as I thought it was. It’s not as clear and concise as I feel my work to be nowadays (although I don’t think that’s for me to judge).

A few other games that I was proud to have reviewed back in that era were Far Cry 3 and The Walking Dead. TWD is in that pile somewhere, although I haven’t finished it past the second or third episode yet. It’s mostly for my younger sister to play, who is a big fan of the TV series.

She said the game made her grind her teeth. I agreed. Here are the articles on those, in case anyone’s interested:

Part One: https://pyrusic.wordpress.com/2013/01/17/comparing-games-pt-1-the-walking-dead/
Part Two: https://pyrusic.wordpress.com/2013/01/20/a
And actually, there’s a Part Three on the series about Dishonored, which I totally forgot about: https://pyrusic.wordpress.com/2013/01/31/cg3/

Let’s Plays and Let’s Not Plays

Back to the topic of which games in this pile might be interesting to “Let’s Play”. From top to bottom, The Darkness II, Metro: Last Light (obviously), Bulletstorm (which is also an insanely fun game to play, although I hear its humour gets annoying at some point), Tomb Raider (I’ve never played a Tomb Raider game before), and Singularity, I guess.

Everything else seems too open-ended, meaning that it probably wouldn’t be too interesting to watch me learn how to play; Skyrim and Dragon Age, I’m looking at you. There are also some games in the pile which wouldn’t seem interesting to the typical viewer; more niche games, I guess. Games like DmC, Dark Souls, SSX, or Need for Speed (although I’m looking forward to the day I finally get around to playing SSX. The nostalgia feels are strong with that one.)

CoD and Destiny…. YouTube is absolutely saturated with videos on them. And they’re not too, too fun. At least not as fun playing new old games. But they may get me some easy views so I should keep them in mind and at hand.

It’ll cost me another $150 for an El Gato, though. I could use that on a TV for my room and focus on my writing, or on a new ukelele. Argh, what a dilemna. By principle, I know I should give it a shot. But I’m already so comfortable with my writing and all that I have here.

I guess that settles it, then. I’m gonna buy an El Gato and make a few videos, because I’m comfortable where I am and that is dangerous. I need to learn to have fun with uncomfortability, with new and unexplored things.

End Rant

Aaaand, I think that’s all I gotta say. GTA V is done installing on my PS3 (has been for 10 minutes now) so I no longer need to keep myself occupied ranting on this here blog of mine. Congrats and thanks if you read this far though, haha.

And if anyone was wondering: Yes, I use a ping pong table as a desk when I’m working in my basement where my games consoles are. What about you guys? What’s the weirdest piece of furniture you’ve used that wasn’t actually meant to be furniture? I personally have used cardboard boxes, a giant soccer ball…. Let me know down below.


6 thoughts on “A quick lil’, nostalgic ramble while GTA V installs itself

  1. Nick Chevalier

    You’re right in that YouTube and Twitch are oversaturated with Destiny videos and streams. I’m not really into streaming gameplay, but I’ve been having a blast with Destiny. Only just got to level 20 the other day, haha.

    • Woo 😀 Awesome. Did you just start the game recently or did it just take a while? Personally, I never cared to level up for the sake of leveling up. PvE didn’t keep me interested for long so my only motivation to level up was to unlock more abilities to use in PvP. Dno why I haven’t touched the game in so long, I remember PvP being a blast.

      • I started a couple weeks ago. I’ve been jumping between that and the Halo 5 beta lately. I haven’t done much in the way of Crucible matches, I’ve mostly been joining up with friends doing Strike missions.

        • Oh cool. How would you compare Destiny to the Halo 5 beta so far? I’m a competition-centric player myself so I know I’d be interested in the next Halo. I’ve yet to go next gen, though. I guess the existence of Halo settles which console I’m getting.

          I think one of the reasons I don’t play much PvE in Destiny is because I don’t have many friends on PS3 to play with, haha. But that’s just a bad excuse. I could look people online if I were so inclined. I guess I’m just so used to not partying up much with people in collaborative environment instead of a competitive one. Definitely something I need to try in the future. Would you suggest Destiny for this kind of experience, though? I’ve heard Borderlands does it all the same and even better. Any suggestions?

          • I don’t know your familiarity with Halo, but I think Halo 5, in terms of gameplay, has seen the most radical change in the series thus far. It features many things other modern FPS games do, including Destiny. Examples include aiming-down-sights, general mobility changes, etc.

            Not to plug my own blog, but I made a video about my impressions of the beta thus far. You can check it out if you’re interested.

            I’m the same way in terms of playing with people. I have partied up with people, but times doing so are few and far between. It does make PvE more enjoyable, even if the missions become redundant. It’s just fun to have people to banter with sometimes.

            I haven’t used it yet myself, but a great tool for finding groups is http://destinylfg.net/

            I don’t have any experience with Borderlands so I can’t speak to that. But yeah, grouping up in Destiny can make even the most repeated missions more enjoyable.


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