XP-HNTR – Movement. January 9.


I got really excited to buy a gaming pc once again. What spurred me on in particular was the discovery that my motherboard, memory, and processor are all still useable. I would not need to buy new ones. I would then only need to buy a video card and a power supply. A solid state drive would be nice too. And oh, would a higher-wattage power supply not fit in my oddball of a case? Bummer, guess I’ll have to pick one of those out too.

Finally, at the end of the road called “I guess I’ll need more than I expected,” I reached the crossroad of “this is going to cost more than you initially planned to spend, will you buy it anyway?” And I guess my answer is “No.”

I will not buy upgrade my pc right now because I have phone bills to pay and a few more Christmas presents to order. I can, however, buy a new tv from which I can play games more comfortably, from the comfort of my bedroom rather than the cold, dark basement where the 60-inch tv ended up when my grandparents moved in.

I’ve got Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V, Tomb Raider, COD:AW, and a whole bunch of old games. Albeit, all on the PS3 and the graphics are sort of tiring to the eyes but I think I’ll manage. It’s only until I make enough to make my PC one of my main consoles.

Is that really what I want, though? Sure, when it comes to RPGs and most indie games, the PC would definitely be the place to be. But I grew up a console peasant. In FPSes, I live and die by my thumbsticks. Hrmng, what a question to come up against.

What are my goals or priorities right now? Do I want to try live-streaming or making YouTube videos? What’s my niche? What do I want to write?

Who knows?

Whatever it turns out to be, at least one thing is certain: I have to keep at it. I have to continually be trying new things, staying on the move.

With that said, I guess I should see it as a blessing, then, that I’m not comfortable with where I am. If I need to keep moving then it helps that I don’t exactly feel comfortable in the place I currently occupy. To still be wandering is better than to find a nice oasis to stagnate in, still hundreds of miles from paradise but at the very least, sort of comfortable.

It’s a blessing that I’m not sure what to do next. It means that every answer is right.



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