No Man’s Sky & My Personal Relationship w/ Hype


One aspect of video game blogging that I wasn’t and that I’m still not really interested in is covering the industry, keeping tabs on what’s going on and what’s in development. Partly, I blame this on my predilection to avoid hype so as not to get too excited for things in this fickle industry.

But it seems a game has come along with the power to melt my frozen heart towards as-of-yet unreleased games. And that game is No Man’s Sky.

I’m into exploration and creativity and at the very least, this game is bursting at the seams with exploration. Creativity is no small thing to me, though. And unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have been accounted for just yet. Not much news has been released about combat, character progression (if there is any), and movement mechanics aside from space flight and walking.

Such things are almost never expounded on so far from a game’s release, though, so I have no complaints there. I’m just so darn excited by how beautiful and expansive its world seems. It would be a crying shame if the game turned out to be nothing but an exoplanet tourism simulator instead of the vastly amazing game I hope it could be.

I hope for interesting movement mechanics, interesting building mechanics, strategy and action in combat, meaningful character progression, a working economy, players meaningfully involved in the journeys of other players. But it may not be possible that I’ll get all that. Still, here’s to hoping.

I bet anyone $15 I’ll get burned once it’s released. Of course, it’s impossible for a game to be all that I hope it will be. I guess mods exist for that reason. But will No Man’s Sky even be moddable? I’ve read that its entire world will have been generated by the time of its release. That means, unlike Minecraft, one may not be able to implement personal changes to the game because, unlike Minecraft, No Man’s Sky’s world isn’t personally created for every player. With something as large as No Man’s Sky sets out to be, I can only imagine it’ll exist on a server somewhere for public use. And if its entire world is exclusively for public use, I don’t think it would be ethical to implement personal mods in order to craft a different personal experience.

Such a story outlines my relationship with as-of-yet released games, and perhaps provides a deeper look into the nature of all new experiences: A thing never seems to be all you asked for or expected at first but if you give it a chance, you’re sure to find its own unique charm.

This is something I personally struggle to live by; I don’t often give things a chance to impress me. But because of this, there’s just not much in my life that I enjoy. I think I’ve realized by now that to enjoy some things in life, a little bit of work has to be put in. I have to be willing to be uncomfortable before I really get to experience the awesome things life has to offer.

It has really become a theme in my recent writing: To venture out into things that make me uncomfortable in order to find what I can’t find in familiar places. Exciting, isn’t it?


6 thoughts on “No Man’s Sky & My Personal Relationship w/ Hype

      • Prof.mcstevie

        Apparently the planets WILL be destroyable and with so many people hyped up about it, the likelihood of somebody just going on a solar system purge seems likely.

        • I wouldn’t worry too much about never finding any cool planets. From what I’ve heard, it seems like the whole point of the game. So I’d expect the destruction of a planet to have consequences at least as interesting as leaving it alone. Concept of equivalent exchange, etc. I don’t think it’s the developers’ intent that the game gradually become uninteresting.


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