Darnit ai finally found a topic I wannted to write about. it was comparing CoD and League of Legends and how LoL made me feel like a hero more often than CoD did but then it devolved into a rant about all the things i love about LoL and how LoL reaches into my soul like hardcore and in the process of it all, i mentioned some hardcore truths that i dont want to put away, like, real revelations that i want to share with u guys. but i know sending it out altogether would be bad since the things dont really mix, although i believe them all to be true. i just dont wanna send out a 2000 word article with three actual topics that are only loosely strung together, but then i’d have to work on putting the separate things into coherent stand-alone posts. by golly, i know i probably cant do that right now.

i know, i know. it’s ok. u guys understand. thanks for caring.



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