I tried to start a business this week. It was nothing big; my start-up costs would’ve been under $100. But it was something I had never done before. I’m pretty sure I learned from it, though, and I’m walking away with new, exciting ideas for the future. Here’s how it played out:

The idea for my business was a subscription-based snow shoveling service. So you’d pay once a month and whenever it snowed, I’d be there to clean it up. (And for a little extra cash-money, I’d have it all done before your morning commute or multiple times throughout the day if it snowed continuously.) But there was a problem, and I’m glad one of my door-to-door interviewees brought it to my attention: The constant exposure to the winter weather would make me very unhealthy.

See, I was planning to go out, walk across the subdivision in my white leather Chucks, ergonomic shovel in thinly-gloved hand, and a few pounds of sidewalk salt in my backpack. No vehicle to warm up in and no snow blower to make quick work (and money) of the snow. For my business to have been profitable, I needed to guarantee my service to many people. And with the amount of preparation I was willing to invest in, I could not make those guarantees. It wouldn’t have been fair to ask for money without a guarantee, so I let the idea go.

However, I did get to know of the concerns of some of my neighbors, especially those responsible for the sidewalks stretching around their corner-lot properties near pedestrian-heavy main roads. I didn’t get in contact with any seniors or low-mobility individuals but I think they’d appreciate some help too. Plus, it was a tonne of fun to organize and plan my business, and to interact with my neighbors.

So, because of all this, I think I’ll just go out whenever I’m free and there’s snow on the ground. It’ll be a free, fun workout, a community building exercise, and just a whole lot of fun.

I’ll go apply at HMV or something. Seems like a chill place to work.



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