I got my feet really dirty over the past week. (That’s a euphemism for sin, by the way.) And my life really sucked over the past week. Now that I think about it, I could do the past week over again and do everything the same, sans sin, and it wouldn’t have felt like I was spiraling into oblivion.

I didn’t lose sight of what I knew I was living for, but in my heart, I started to want the wrong things. My priorities shifted, although that might not have been obvious from the outside. It wasn’t obvious to me. I kept on living as I had planned when I was living to love God and the people of this world. But I think I felt wrongly about it because I wasn’t living for God and His people. It makes sense to me; I hope it makes sense to you.

Anyway, I need to remind myself before I step into the mud that that shit blinds me to what really makes me happy. Imperative.



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