Sometimes, I’m not strong enough to fight the inclination to dig myself deeper into the ruts I fall into. Sometimes I don’t feel like believing my preconceived belief that my life is okay. But who am I to say that that’s what’s real? I feel the way I do. I could fight it but this is how I feel. I can fight it but I am wondering why this reality exists: the one in which I’m afraid I will never enjoy my life ever again. This is so damn creepy. I could go to sleep.

And then you go through the motions, clicking around opening up the same old tabs, duplicates of what are already open until the song hits you, the one in the other tab, and all of a sudden, things are okay. What a weird fucking world.

Then someone on the internet makes a benign boob joke and life is okay. Ho… God, that sure was a creepy episode.



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