The Road to Becoming a VG Commentator #1


Technically, this is post 2 or 3 on the topic but for… anything’s sake, I’ll leave the title as it is.

Maybe y’all won’t be interested in this post, but perhaps my thought process in the future will be more interesting. For now, I just plan to jot down things, ideas, whatever comes to mind that I’d like to remember pertaining to this YouTube video game commentator dream of mine. Thought #1:

I seem to have been blessed with quite the predatory instinct in the Crucible (PVP Segment) of the Science-Fantasy game Destiny. My gameplay then tends to be fast-paced, hectic, and extremely aggressive. And all the action is interspersed with massive failures to connect my super-abilities with members of the enemy team. Pretty hilarious as well.

Perhaps I’m skilled for the same reason I thought I was skilled at CoD:MW3 multiplayer: the netcode just favoured my playstyle and other people actually could not reasonably react. Or maybe the better players are all on next-gen consoles and I’m just a big fish in a small pond. Either way, I think my gameplay would be plenty entertaining to watch, especially in a game like Destiny where time-to-kills are pretty long. (Check some other montage/gameplay-centric-type content producers’ work, though. You might find that you’re not bringing anything new to the table.)

Aside from the aggressive playstyle, I know I also have quite a handle on tactical, more traditional gameplay. These are scenarios in which knowing when to back off and using the environment to my advantage are sort-of more important than twitch/reaction times and up-in-your-face ballsiness.

I also believe that expanding on macro-tactics, predicting in any given situation where the enemy team might be, would be super fun to watch. If I can somehow find a visual system through which to convey that information in my videos… I’d like that. Seems like it would be a lot of work, though.

As for the question of which console I’d buy right now, I’m leaning heavily towards the Xbox One. Sunset Overdrive itself just seems like a game I could play for hours and hours. It’s mechanics seem to just ooze with creative possibilities, specifically looking at the movement mechanics and open-world of it. I really want to play Titanfall for the same reasons (sans open-world), although I don’t know if I’ll be able to afford an Xbox Live subscription right away.

It’s not just that games like these would be tonnes of fun to watch; I also love games that let me be creative. I probably sunk more hours into SSX On Tour on the Gamecube than any other game I’ve played, including any of the CoDs that have come out the past few years. (Probably not more than all of the CoDs combined, though.) Damn… SSX. That’s another game I’ll have to play. I also loved the BurnOut series and am looking forward to Criterion’s next game. BurnOut has a special place in my heart alongside SSX, and Ratchet & Clank (which was made by the same studio as Sunset Overdrive, Insomniac). It all comes full-circle.

Damn. I’m really returning to my old first loves with this thing. That’s exciting. Now that I have a somewhat grown-up income, I don’t have to confine myself to the games that all my friends play just to keep updated and connected. Now that I’m somewhat grown-up, I don’t really care anymore. Now that I’m somewhat grown-up, I can do whatever I want and that’s exciting.



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