Finding my voice again


Reading through some handouts for English class at the moment. (Yes, I’m still in the process of finishing high school.) All this reading’s got me thinking that quality stories have something to say about life, the universe, and everything. Otherwise, where’s the tension? Why should we care what the characters do in a story unless their decisions somehow reach into our own lives?

I’ve always been really formulaic in the stories I attempt to write (of which none have actually been written yet). I always thought that this approach crippled my writing. I always thought I was too caught up on knowing how to write, too much of a perfectionist to just jump in and do what feels right. But thanks to my new-found motivation to study, I think I’ve found a happy middle-ground between formula and what just feels right. Or, uh, I may have found the formula for what feels right. Here it is:

In order to create a narrative that says something about life, the universe, and everything, I think I have to write about topics I have strong beliefs about. A story’s theme is an extension of an author’s voice: the beliefs that make that author unique.

Anyway, what is a person but what they believe? It’s the root of all their decision-making, most of what they think or do.

“First, diligent study of Nature and secondly, study of the work of the ages of Art.” – William Morris. So, moving forward, I think I need to study the nature of my own voice and the voice of the people around me in order to write good stories. It would also help to study how other authors… present their voices through their work.

At least with the first task, studying my voice, it would help for me to ramble and rant again about what I believe to be true in life. That probably means I’ll be writing on my blog more often again.

However, I’m also trying to figure out how to juggle several hobbies/activities at once, namely music, computer coding, finishing high school. So who knows if I’ll choose this over everything else? Who knows if I’ll have to choose at all?



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