I used to chat with my friends over facebook messenger on my computer most of the time. Then I got a job and a real phone plan. It’s good for me and my relationships but now it’s a tad bit harder to share with y’all what I personally would like to remember. I’d rather type than upload a screenshot anyway.

[Edited for readability.]
Me: There are so many problems in society that seem worthwhile (to explore and learn of.)Me: But it may be detrimental to one’s ability to do something about them if that person chooses to know everything about every problem instead of getting to know about the issues they have control over.

Not that I advocate ignorance, just… deliberation, prioritization in what we spend most of our time on. I’m sure I’ll seem less of an idiot to you if I explain where I’m coming from.

I spend a lot of time on the internet reading articles and watching videos on wide range of topics. (To be honest, a lot of it is click-bait so my argument might’ve just invalidated itself.) And I wonder if I’d be doing more for the world by prioritizing the issues I follow to the ones I have a reasonable amount of control over, whether now or in my foreseeable future.




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