Liberation Through Darkness


i love early mornings. i think it might be because i like to keep secrets.

i took a look at the train station and bus terminal i was on. i beheld how little of the world was visible at night, yet how vast that world was; embraced by darkness, covered snuggly by a blanket of it, almost cavernous; yet cozy, like a cove, not claustrophobic. when only a little bit is lit up, i find myself more able to focus on the things at hand, on the things immediately surrounding me.

darkness makes the world more intimate.

the secrets i keep are things that i shouldnt be ashamed of. and yet, in the light, i think people feel the need to hide.

but darkness is liberating. in the isolation of the morning hours, it becomes more acceptable to reach out and communicate with other souls. and in the morning, i feel that it’s more acceptable be who i am. like skinny dipping the dark, it’s okay to be naked when no one or not many people are there to see you.

i think the problem with daytime is that it is challenging to overcome our natural unwillingness to let loose, and even harder when we’re in the presence of other people who struggle with the same battle. but at nighttime, no one sees us except maybe a few close friends or strangers. it gives us an arena to do battle with the self-consciousness that holds us back.

i’m out of things to say. apparently, i’ve lost the ability to end posts with something cool or profound. or was i ever able? haha.



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